Security Services


Indus Armour Group offers Security Consultancy & Risk Management services which provide our clients a safe and secure environment for their people, property and profits. We do this by using modern security management techniques with Integrated Security Solution which is a cost effective options. Our Consultants have vast experience to design a Total Integrated Security Solution to meet all requirements, or address any particular issue relevant to the assignment. The services offered are:

  • Analysis of existing and future threats to assets and review measures to protect them and mitigate liability.
  • Take on turn-key projects, assess, design, procure, deploy, install and run the security systems and organisation as per written procedures and best practices.
  • Advise and devise Safety, Security and Loss Prevention procedures.
  • Carry out Quantified Security Audits.
  • Assist management to formulate/upgrade :
  • Crisis Management Procedures
  • Emergency Response Procedures & mechanisms
  • Disaster Management
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Security, Safety, Health and Environment (SSHE) Manuals
  • Bomb Incident Plan
  • Electronic Security Measures

A physical guarding service is based on the support and communications between internal (officers, site and operations manager) and external (you, the client) domains. Our well trained security guards help to maintain and create “Feel Secure” environment for the management and employees, by their approach, manners and etiquettes, round the clock, surveillance on the perimeter as well as internal assets, information sharing, systems and communications skill.
We have a prudent and systematic way to serve which follows these steps :

  • Security Survey – On Understanding the requirement, we undertake a security survey of the premises and offer our recommendations.
  • Recruitment & Training – We impart basic and specialize training to the personnel at our security training schools. Training is imparted based on private security agency (Regulatory Act 2005) and business specifics. The recruitment is done on pan India basis.
  • Deployment – On deployment theses personnel undergo 3 days of practical training. We also impart refresher training capsule at regular interval
  • Validation Process –  “Performance and operational audit is conducted on completion of one month deployment. The ob servation made are shared with the client and necessary changesg are made as per requirement.
  • Customer Care Cell – Our Corporate customer care cell contact the client on regular basis to take feedback on services rendered. We continuously strive to improve the quality of services.