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Entrance Control & Gate Automation Systems
Overview :
Gate Automation is the most important part to enhance the security of any Premise. It can be used for all size & types of properties. It does not just mechanize the Gates but also enhance the Security Perimeter.

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Type of Gate Automation

  • Motorized Gates
  • Boom Barriers
  • Bollards
  • Road Blockers
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    Key Benefits :

    • Impressive (Exceptional ) Look
    • Easy to access or operate remotely
    • Prevents unauthorized access
    • Very Convenient against manual ones
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      We provide an Integrated Entrance Control & Gate Automation Solutions

      Periphery Fencing & Alarm System
      Overview :
      It’s a best way to secure the boundaries of a premise. It enhance the security by giving alerts when anyone is going to touch or cross the boundaries defined by it.

      Type of Periphery Fencing & Alarm Systems
      • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
      • Mechanical / Computerized Sensors
      • Passive & Active Infrared Solution
      • Taught Wired Based Solution
      • Acoustic Base Solution
      • Key Benefits :

        • Secure the Boundaries of a Premise
        • Give Alerts to the User while someone tries to cross it
        • Can Integrated with other Security Systems
        • Solutions:
          Integration with Video Surveillance & Access Control System

          Access Control & Clean Room Environment Systems
          Overview :
          It’s best & Secure way to Control unauthorized access. Also helps user to keep records of access/attendance & generate/produce various report.

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          Type of Systems
          • Finger Base Attendance Unit
          • Card Base Attendance Unit
          • Dore Controller
          • Biomatric Reader
          • Car Reader
          • Cards
          • Turnstile / Tripod
          • Honeywell bosch
            Key Benefits :
            • Prevents unauthorized access
            • Best way to maintain attendance/ visit records
            • Can generate Various kind of reports
            • Can be integrated with most of the pay roll applications or VMS.
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              Brands Associated With :
              Smart-I – HIS – Honeywell – Bosch – Solus

              Integration with other Security Systems

              Fire Alarm & Hydrant Systems
              Overview :
              It’s a system that alerts the user when smoke/fire detects & prevent un necessary injuries or harms or damages.

              Honeywell cooper-safety-fire
              Type of Fire Alarm & Hydrant Systems
              • Conventional Fire Alarm System
              • Addressable fire Alarm System
              • Smoke Detector
              • Flame Detector
              • Beam Detector
              • Cards
              • Turnstile / Tripod
              • Certified Products :
                UL Certification – LPCB – CE – FCC (Add Logos)
                notifier_byHoneywell Tyco
                Key Benefits :
                • Detects the Presence of Fire.
                • Notify the Occupants about Fire.
                • Notify the fire Department through a Central Station Connection
                • Operate other Fire Safety Functions
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                  Brands Associated With :
                  Honeywell – Bosch – Notifier – Tyco – Ravel – System Sensor – Morley IAS – Apollo – GE – Cooper


                  VESDA & FM200 System
                  Overview :
                  VESDA is a very early warning aspirating smoke detection solutions. It continuous take air sampling & provide the earliest possible warning of an impending fire hazard.

                  Type of Systems

                  • VESDA
                  • FM200
                  • Key Benefits :
                    • Very Early Smoke Detection before the Critics happens.
                    • Detects unseen hazards by filtering the air to remove moisture, dirt & other particulates.
                    • Best device for Securing the Data Storage & Server Rooms, Cold Storage, R & D Labs, Oil & Gas Industries & Highly sensible areas.
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                      Video Surveillance & Control Room Systems

                      Overview :
                      Video Surveillance & Control Room System is a visual surveillance technology designed for monitoring a variety of environments and activities all at the same time.

                      axis1 notifier_byHoneywell
                      Type of
                      • Dom Camera
                      • Bullet Cameras
                      • PTZ Cameras
                      • Box Cameras
                      • CIF & D1
                      • 1 Mega Prixel (720p)
                      • 1.3 Mega Prixel (960p)
                      • 2 Mega Prixel (1080p)
                      • dahuaLogo Godrejlogo-security-solution
                        Key Benefits :
                        • Helps to enhance security of an Organization with a 24*7 Bull Eye
                        • Can detect the motion on Particular Highly secure area
                        • Cost effective Security Solution (Reduce the cost of Manpower)
                        • Works in most the environments as far as used with appropriate casings.
                        • Honeywell bosch
                          Brands Associated With :
                          Honeywell – Bosch – HikVision – Dahua – Godrej – CpPlus – Axis – Samsung – Pelco – Vivotek

                          Public Announcement & Broadcasting Systems

                          Overview :
                          It’s an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to allow a person to address a large public/crowd.

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                          Type of System
                          • Digital PA System
                          • Analogue PA System
                          • Wall Mount Speakers
                          • Ceiling Mount Speakers
                          • Column Mount Speakers
                          • Amplifier
                          • Zone Controller
                          • Zone Selector
                          • Key Benefits :
                            • Can Address a huge crowd with generous efforts.
                            • Can take attention of each & every fellow of the Crowd to be Addressed
                            • Brands Associated With :
                              Bosch – Bose – Audionix

                              Nurse Calling & Hospital Management Systems

                              Overview :
                              It’s designed keeping in view the relevance of quality nursing in today’s context and gives topmost priority to it. Installing it in the hospital enables efficient management of nursing staff. 

                              Rauland Honeywell
                              Type of System
                              • Wired Systems
                              • Wireless Systems
                              • Hospital Queue Management
                              • Token Management System
                              • Operation Theatre Parameter Display
                              • Key Benefits :
                                • Come with super bright LEDs to enhance the life of indicators and reduce power consumption.
                                • Very low working voltage to ensure patient’s safety.
                                • Very simple design to make it easily installable and Maintenance free.
                                • Door indicator helps the nurses to locate the calling patient easily.
                                • Call from a patient remains registered till the nurse attends the patient and clears the call from his room.
                                • Brands Associated With :
                                  Rauland – Data Care – Honeywell

                                  Baggage & Body Scanner / Door Frame Metal Detector
                                  Overview :
                                  It’s use to prevent un necessary risk factor of the premise. It detects metal & some dangerous material(explosives) & give alerts to the security.
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                                  Type of System
                                  • Body Scanner
                                  • Luggage/Baggage Scanner
                                  • Under Vehicle Surveillance System/Scanner
                                  • Door Frame Metal Detector
                                  • Hand Held Metal Detector
                                  • SivanandaElectronics
                                    Key Benefits :
                                    • Enhance the security with minimum Efforts
                                    • Detects arms & explosives & give alerts to it’s user or Security
                                    • Best way to stop an un necessary accident
                                    • Best for High Populated areas such as Shopping Centres, Airports, Railway Station etc.
                                    • Brands Associated With :
                                      Came – FAAC – Sivananda Electronics

                                      Intrusion Detection & Home Automation System
                                      Overview :
                                      It’s a kind of solution that make a home/office/premise fully automated or operated remotely.

                                      legrand zycom
                                      Crestron schneider-electric
                                      Key Benefits :
                                      • Keeps the home/premise Secure
                                      • Keep you on comfort
                                      • Saves money
                                      • Can be operated remotely from anywhere
                                      • Honeywell
                                        Brands Associated With :
                                        Legrand – Zycom – Creston – Schneider – Honeywell


                                        Wireless Communication Systems & Jammers
                                        Overview :
                                        Wireless Communication is a secure way to communication internally. Jammers are use to block the access of restricted devices.

                                        Type of Wireless Communication Systems & Jammers
                                        • Walkie Talkie
                                        • Walkie Talkie
                                        • Point to Point Communication Devices
                                        • Point to Multipoint Communication Devices
                                        • Wireless Radios & Antenna
                                        • Mobile Jammers
                                        • Key Benefits :
                                          • Best & Secure way of Internal Communication
                                          • Point to Point & Point to Multipoint Communication can be possible
                                          • Save time & cost.
                                          • Brands Associated With :
                                            Motorolla, Rackus – EnGenius – Cambium
                                            Point to point & Point to Multi point communication is possible.