Turn On Intelligent Living with INDUSARMOUR Multimedia Solutions Home automation takes comfort to the next level, allowing you to control your television, music system, X-Box, air-conditioner or shades wirelessly from a single universal remote. What’s more? You can even create intelligent scenes to automate routine tasks and instantly switch activities at your fingertips.

Multiple Devices, One Control

  • Easy Integration and Configuration

    Get rid of individual remotes to control separate appliances. Integrate and Control devices across brands and applications under a single remote or smartphone for one-touch control.
  • Effective Audio distribution in all rooms

    Connect all your speakers across rooms to play the same music or stream different music in each room as per your convenience and need.
  • Create Intelligent Scenes and Schedules

    Creating scenes and set schedules to trigger multiple devices at a time during specific time of the day. Let your home welcome you after a busy day at work.